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James Murphy and Kevin Burns are both Certified Minor Internet Personalities with a shared love of Doctor Who. Explore the history of the show with them, as they watch classic serials and chat with each other each month about them. Each month, the pair will pick a classic serial to watch and then break down, exploring the themes, characters and production of the given story. There will also be jokes. Sometimes they may barely mention the show. New episodes every month.

Another podcast excursion into the Media Hauntological, this time focusing on The Shining, the 1980 masterpiece by... well, by several people, including but not limited to Stanley Kubrick.  (See also a triumvirate of brilliant women: Diane Johnson, Wendy Carlos, and Shelley Duvall.)

This time George and I are joined by Kit Power.  Because we've decided we hate Elliot.  No, no, no.  I kid.  If the Joker ever tries to corrupt one of us, it'll be Elliot, because he's the best of us.  Truth is, George and Kit and I have long been planning a Shiningcast, since long before George, Elliot and I launched the project that I, to the silent embarrassment of everyone else involved, insist on calling It *IS* The Same Log.  

Luckily, it fits very well into the running thread of IITSL.  By agreement with Elliot, George and I went ahead with Kit, and this episode slots nicely into the series.

It's a long, long episode in which we mostly talk about the film but also talk a lot about the novel, some about the TV miniseries, and even a little bit about Doctor Sleep (book and movie).  As well as the usual manifold digressions.

Content warnings for discussion of very difficult subjects, and also for gushing because this is very very my favourite movie.

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The longest Shabcast ever - both in terms of its total running time and of how long it has taken to release - draws to a close.  

In this final fantastic episode, Holly offers some closing remarks about texts, fan art, fan fiction, fantasy and its relationship to real action, play, etc.  

As you might expect by now, these remarks are complex, thought-provoking, and challenging.  They take in matters of great delicacy, and even darkness and danger.  Touched upon in our final discussion are: the nature of fantasy, the line between the pornographic and non-pornographic, unregulated fan spaces, attempts to regulate them through community pressure, accusations and abuse in fandom, the safety of children to think through their development through fiction and gameplay, possible exploitation of young fans, good and bad faith in discussions of what is or isn't appropriate, the complexity of moral judgement and legality re representations of criminal and immoral acts, realism as ideology, the tension between exploration and normalisation, etc, etc.

Some of this is knotty stuff so content warnings abound.


Elliot, George, and Jack continue their podcasting odyssey into the Media Hauntological, branching off into a related but new direction with Robert Eggers' 2015 masterpiece The Witch  

Content warnings abound.



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A little extra.  George, Elliot and I don't consider, let alone take a course of action as drastic as 'stop talking' lightly.  Our Blair Witch conversation continued for another near 40 minutes after the point where I ended the episode.  And here it is.


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