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James Murphy and Kevin Burns are both Certified Minor Internet Personalities with a shared love of Doctor Who. Explore the history of the show with them, as they watch classic serials and chat with each other each month about them. Each month, the pair will pick a classic serial to watch and then break down, exploring the themes, characters and production of the given story. There will also be jokes. Sometimes they may barely mention the show. New episodes every month.

Kevin and James heroically reject that Spotify money then chat the last part of Patrick Troughton's swansong as well as Nashville Skyline & Self Portrait by Bob Dylan. 

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Elliot, George, and I are back to talk about Nic Roeg's mysterious and mesmerising Don't Look Now (1972), a tale of haunting grief and uncanny precognition in a decaying and dirty Venice, based on the Daphne Du Maurier story, starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie.  With digressions into Hitchcock, Hannibal, and heverything helse.

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