Pex Lives: A Doctor Who Podcast
James Murphy and Kevin Burns are both Certified Minor Internet Personalities with a shared love of Doctor Who. Explore the history of the show with them, as they watch classic serials and chat with each other each month about them. Each month, the pair will pick a classic serial to watch and then break down, exploring the themes, characters and production of the given story. There will also be jokes. Sometimes they may barely mention the show. New episodes every month.

Hey, demons, it's your boys and we're back in town to make some noise. We're here to play about Dr Who's State of Decay and the Clash's record from back in the day (Sandinista! (1980))

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Kit and James are back! And they brought someone - the brilliant Andrew Matey - who knows what they're talking about for this, the second real episode of We Learned More From A Three Minute Record. This one goes in deep on Bruce Springsteen's sophomore album, the Wild, the Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle. The songs? Dissected. The good? Passionately loved. The sacred cows? Delicious burger meat. 

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Your long international nightmare is over. Here it is, the podcast episode so anticipated, so filled with good magick that it did the unthinkable and killed Henry Kissenger. You're welcome. You're also now able to sate your previously unquenchable hunger to learn what your old buddies Kevin 'n' James thought about the newest Doctor Who. Listen now. We're back. 

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In which James Slater-Murphy and Kit Power begin their deep dive into the studio albums of Columbia recording artist Bruce Springsteen. 

With a startling lack of originality, we start at the beginning, taking in 1973s Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ. There's a bit of initial amused bafflement that this is the origin story for one of popular music's biggest and most reliable stadium fillers, but we also discover a lot to enjoy and ponder, especially on side 2, as well as some signposts towards future greatness. An enjoyable start to a keenly anticipated journey.

Join us on this ride, where we find out: Will we pay the cost to hear the Boss? You'll have a blast. 

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Kevin and James spend an extremely small amount of time on the 1979 Dr. Who serial before getting concisely into the Clash's third record. 

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Kevin and James talk about an all-timer of a record. 

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Come and hang out with Kevin and James as they find small shoots of optimism in current events, navigate two very different times of day, and talk some classic Sylv! 

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Kevin and James talk a Tom Baker serial & Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks!

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The Bondage crew is joined by Jack Graham to discuss Moonraker. Hijinks and technical difficulties ensue.

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Kevin & James talk about a couple of good Bob Dylan records (well a couple of records, anyway) before falling into the gush-fest of Tom Baker's first story. 

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Kevin and James chat about current events & the Daemons. A great chat, come spend some time hanging out.
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We're here already, pod people!  Jack, George, and Elliot reform to talk about one of the greatest of all remakes, one of the greatest of all sci-fi movies, one of the quintessential films of the 70s, the remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, starring Donald Sutherland, Brooke Adams, Veronica Cartwright, Jeff Goldblum, and Leonard Nimoy.

Once again, my patrons got advance access.



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Kevin and James heroically reject that Spotify money then chat the last part of Patrick Troughton's swansong as well as Nashville Skyline & Self Portrait by Bob Dylan. 

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Elliot, George, and I are back to talk about Nic Roeg's mysterious and mesmerising Don't Look Now (1972), a tale of haunting grief and uncanny precognition in a decaying and dirty Venice, based on the Daphne Du Maurier story, starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie.  With digressions into Hitchcock, Hannibal, and heverything helse.

Once again, my patrons got advance access.



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Kevin & James battle on through the long Troughton serial and then continue to wander through the Bob Dylan discography with Blonde on Blonde & John Wesley Harding. 
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Our saviour is born!*





*of a jackal

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Kevin and James have a chat, then sink their teeth into the first three episodes of the '69 Troughton serial The War Games. Note: this was recorded just prior to the Omicron variant catching people's notice, immediately making it helplessly dated. Good talk! 

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Elliot, George, and I are back to talk about William Peter Blatty's fascinating, flawed, ambitious, sometimes brilliant 1990 oddity, Exorcist III (AKA Legion)... with digressions into the other Exorcist movies and books, plus Christopher Lee, Hannibal, Theodicy, mythology, etc etc etc.  Once again, my patrons got advance access.

The plan is for us to do The Omen next and release it on Christmas Day.



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Elliot rejoins and the original IITSL gang assays Peter Strickland's 2012 triumph Berberian Sound Studio, a masterclass of aesthetics and irresolvably ambiguous, mysterious, gripping hauntological cinema.

Berberian Sound Studio - Wikipedia

My own piece from a few years ago, written immediately after my first viewing of this film: Carry On Screaming – Eruditorum Press

Movie Soundtrack 



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Another podcast excursion into the Media Hauntological, this time focusing on The Shining, the 1980 masterpiece by... well, by several people, including but not limited to Stanley Kubrick.  (See also a triumvirate of brilliant women: Diane Johnson, Wendy Carlos, and Shelley Duvall.)

This time George and I are joined by Kit Power.  Because we've decided we hate Elliot.  No, no, no.  I kid.  If the Joker ever tries to corrupt one of us, it'll be Elliot, because he's the best of us.  Truth is, George and Kit and I have long been planning a Shiningcast, since long before George, Elliot and I launched the project that I, to the silent embarrassment of everyone else involved, insist on calling It *IS* The Same Log.  

Luckily, it fits very well into the running thread of IITSL.  By agreement with Elliot, George and I went ahead with Kit, and this episode slots nicely into the series.

It's a long, long episode in which we mostly talk about the film but also talk a lot about the novel, some about the TV miniseries, and even a little bit about Doctor Sleep (book and movie).  As well as the usual manifold digressions.

Content warnings for discussion of very difficult subjects, and also for gushing because this is very very my favourite movie.

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The longest Shabcast ever - both in terms of its total running time and of how long it has taken to release - draws to a close.  

In this final fantastic episode, Holly offers some closing remarks about texts, fan art, fan fiction, fantasy and its relationship to real action, play, etc.  

As you might expect by now, these remarks are complex, thought-provoking, and challenging.  They take in matters of great delicacy, and even darkness and danger.  Touched upon in our final discussion are: the nature of fantasy, the line between the pornographic and non-pornographic, unregulated fan spaces, attempts to regulate them through community pressure, accusations and abuse in fandom, the safety of children to think through their development through fiction and gameplay, possible exploitation of young fans, good and bad faith in discussions of what is or isn't appropriate, the complexity of moral judgement and legality re representations of criminal and immoral acts, realism as ideology, the tension between exploration and normalisation, etc, etc.

Some of this is knotty stuff so content warnings abound.

Elliot, George, and Jack continue their podcasting odyssey into the Media Hauntological, branching off into a related but new direction with Robert Eggers' 2015 masterpiece The Witch  

Content warnings abound.



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A little extra.  George, Elliot and I don't consider, let alone take a course of action as drastic as 'stop talking' lightly.  Our Blair Witch conversation continued for another near 40 minutes after the point where I ended the episode.  And here it is.


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Aaaand, for Halloween itself, here's yet another spooktobery new episode of It IS The Same Log (because these days we are *all* Heather in the woods sobbing "It's not the same log!" over and over again but... I gotta tell ya... it *is*) and once again I (Jack) am joined by Elliot Chapman and George Daniel Lea.

My (Jack's) October odyssey through the Media Hauntological with erudite and enthusiastic pod-mates Elliot Chapman and George Daniel Lea continues and culminates with a consideration of the source text of this show's title, 1999's terrifying, ominous, ineffable, and intensely freighted 'Found Footage' classic The Blair Witch Project, taking in digressions on The Terror, Stalker, Come and See, Salò, Cannibal Holocaust, Doctor Who, Peter Watkins, David Bowie, Baudrillard, Frederic Jameson, Lovecraft, and LeGuin.

We had some technical problems at the start and poor old George was a bit runny of nose with a nasty cold (rather appropriate given that BWP features some of the most celebrated snot-shots in cinematic history) but I've worked my usual folk magic - I am to podcasts what Mary Brown (maybe?) is to threatening corn dollies and stick sculptures - and made it so listenable your ears will cancel their plan to overthrow you and run your body themselves (yes, I was in on it).

As ever, my Patreon backers got advance access to this, so consider chucking me a dollar a month.  I have such sights to show you... slightly earlier than I show other people.

There's a substantial off-cut from the end of this conversation which you'll get as a separate extra, early next month.

Content warnings abound.



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Come one, come all! Elliot Chapman, master performer and one of the finest storytellers of our Internet Age, is on Human Bondage. He witnesses strange things, like Christopher Lee's third nipple, Kit's defense of Fleming's novel, a shoutout to Wrong With Authority fans, and James bodying Christine near the end.

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Welcome back to the loooong discussion between myself, Jack Graham, and the excellent Holly Boson (@fireh9lly) in which Holly explains Final Fantasy VII to me, a total novice, in pitiless detail.

Sorry for the looooooong gap between this and the last installment.

So here, at last, is Part 4

This episode is mainly about why the remake is amazing.  Even so, some possibly disturbing subjects are mentioned, so I must again attach a content warning.

The series will conclude with a fifth part, probably next month.  Or possibly in eight months, knowing me.

Aaaand here's another spooktobery new episode of It IS The Same Log (because these days we are *all* Heather in the woods sobbing "It's not the same log!" over and over again but... I gotta tell ya... it *is*) and once again I (Jack) am joined by Elliot Chapman and George Daniel Lea.

This time we tackle the legendary and infamous Ghostwatch, created and aired by the BBC in 1992 much to their own horror.  Written by Stephen Volk, directed by Lesley Manning.

I would probably call this one of my very favourite pieces of uncanny media, brilliantly crafted, genuinely scary, and a veritable bottomless pit of implications.  I don't find much disagreement from my co-hosts and, once again, our enthusiasm runs riot.  We cover many topics from the BBC internal reaction, the public furore, media 'realism', gothic marxism, etc.  We were even plagued during recording by terrifyingly appropriate technical glitches.  Skype got media hauntological on our asses.  

Once again, my backers got days of advance access.

Spoilers and content warnings



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Spooktober continues with IITSL (because these days we are *all* Heather in the woods sobbing "It's not the same log!" over and over again but... I gotta tell ya... it *is*) and a new episode that is genuinely one of my (Jack's) favourite things I've ever done, a conversation with the same team as last time (Elliot Chapman and George Daniel Lea) about the classic 1972 Nigel Kneale TV ghost story The Stone Tape, the terrifying and multi-dimensional masterpiece of the BBC gothic.

Spoilers and content warnings

Whole show on YouTube:



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Welcome to the first episode of It IS The Same Log, a new series for October, in which Jack Graham (of I Don't Speak German and the Shabcast) talks to his erudite friends Elliot Chapman and George Daniel Lea about lesser-known landmarks in the cinema and television of the uncanny.  This week, it's 1980's The Changeling, an underappreciated classic of haunted cinema.



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Christine and Kit welcome Roger Moore with Live and Let Die. They're joined by their brilliant and hilarious friend Miranda, who has never seen a James Bond movie and proceeds to gloriously dunk on the source material and this show's gringo hosts.

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Kevin and James talk the 1965 artifacts the Rescue, Bringing It All Back Home, & Highway 61 Revisited

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Christine, Kit, and James tackle Diamonds Are Forever, Connery's second (and last, yes, shut the fuck up) swansong as James Bond. It's a weird fucking movie and they have some takes on it. Things go to hell.

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The Human Bondage team returns to take on George Lazenby's sole outing as Bond, in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. There's stuff we liked, stuff we didn't, and a great deal of fun was had in the conversation. Come for the breakdown of what may end up being one of the most faithful adaptation of a Fleming novel, stay for the Diana Rigg worship.

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Kevin and James have a great time saying "chumblies" to one another and then get into a deep dive in the second part of their subseries about Bob Dylan's albums, covering The Times They Are A-Changin' and Another Side of Bob Dylan.



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Hey, Bobby Dylan, we recorded you a 'cast.

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Christine and Kit are joined by James Slater-Murphy to talk about the horribly anti-Japanese You Only Live Twice.

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Kevin, James and Jack get wet. 

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The year of Pex Lives continues! This month: Resurrection of the Daleks. 

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Kevin and James shoot the breeze and talk about the third Dr. Who serial. 

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Here is the next part of the loooong discussion between myself, Jack Graham, and the excellent Holly Boson (@fireh9lly) in which Holly explains Final Fantasy VII to me, a total novice, in pitiless detail.

In this episode we delve into the history and politics of sequels and remakes, and fandom as a way of constructing the self.

Content warnings apply because some potentially troubling issues are mentioned.

Part 4 will be posted in advance of publication for my Patreon backers.


Kevin and James talk current events and then gush about a great serial.

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Here is the next part of the loooong discussion between myself, Jack Graham, and the excellent Holly Boson (@fireh9lly) in which Holly explains Final Fantasy VII to me, a total novice, in pitiless detail.

This episodes moves on from preparatory context to the basics of the game and its history, Holly's textual approach to the game, and such subjects as Cloud Strife, fandom, shipping, etc.

Content warnings apply from this point on because some potentially troubling issues are mentioned.

Part 3 will be posted in advance of publication for my Patreon backers.

The first part of a new, multi-part Shabcast in which my brilliant friend, writer and podcaster Holly Boson (@fireh9lly), takes me on a journey into a realm of which I was previously entirely ignorant, the complex labyrinth that is the Final Fantasy series of video games, especially Final Fantasy VII.  

This first episode is an hour long and is just the preparatory context she needed to give me to set me up for the actual trip.  

My Patreon backers got advance access to this and already have advance access to Part 2.  Consider pledging me a dollar a month here:
IDSG Ep76, on D.W. Griffith's three-hour silent epic of hate Birth of a Nation, will be up soon.  Hopefully tomorrow.

It's called Survival - and only the strong can survive

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The Pex Lives lads have returned after tragically losing an episode. They chat elections (you know, Solihull's by-election, the recent gains made by Plaid Cymru) and lockdowns and the worst (?) serial of Doctor Who, which James picked cos he fancied some Troughton and did no further research.

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The crew discuss Thunderball.

DISCLAIMER: Since this podcast's release, several people have accused Sam Maleski of emotional abuse and sexual misconduct. In solidarity with Maleski's victims, Christine and Kit have severed ties with their former co-host. Eventually, Christine, James, and Kit will record new podcasts covering the first four James Bond films.

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Picking up from where they briefly left off, Lee & James discuss 1973's death cult biker folk horror action classic Psychomania.

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No, Mister Bond, I expect you to die! Please. We hated every minute of this movie. Deeply. 

DISCLAIMER: Since this podcast's release, several people have accused Sam Maleski of emotional abuse and sexual misconduct. In solidarity with Maleski's victims, Christine and Kit have severed ties with their former co-host. Eventually, Christine, James, and Kit will record new podcasts covering the first four James Bond films.

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Heeeeere's Jack, back with another Shabcast.  In a break from recent tradition, this new episode does not feature me talking to Kit Power about his new book even though he does have a new book out as usual.  Devastating news?  Well, it would be except that instead I'm talking to the unfeasibly and annoyingly talented Christine Kelley (@ballardiangorse), writer of the brilliant Dreams of Orgonon blog and all-round starburst of interestingness.  Nominally our conversation is about Alien and The Shining, movies to which we both indefinitely rent cranial real estate, but you'll find we range pretty freely from topic to topic as you'd expect from Eruditorum Press people.  Our topics include Mckellen's Richard III, Julie Taymor's Titus, Branagh's Hamlet, and even a few things that aren't Shakespeare movies.  Enjoy.

My Patreon:
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Shabogan Graffiti:

Christine's Patreon:
Christine's blog:
Christine's Twitter:

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Christine, Sam, and Kit are joined by the brilliant Chris O'Leary for a hoot of a podcast on From Russia With Love. They talk about thriller storytelling, the politics of espionage, tanning, and microdosing 

DISCLAIMER: Since this podcast's release, several people have accused Sam Maleski of emotional abuse and sexual misconduct. In solidarity with Maleski's victims, Christine and Kit have severed ties with their former co-host. Eventually, Christine, James, and Kit will record new podcasts covering the first four James Bond films.

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Kit Power, Sam Maleski, and Christine Kelley embark on their journey to discuss every Eon Productions-filmed James Bond movie. 

DISCLAIMER: Since this podcast's release, several people have accused Sam Maleski of emotional abuse and sexual misconduct. In solidarity with Maleski's victims, Christine and Kit have severed ties with their former co-host. Eventually, Christine, James, and Kit will record new podcasts covering the first four James Bond films.

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Kevin and James talk to the lovely and talented Will Shaw about his book on the Rings of Akhaten and the classic McCoy serial Dragonfire!

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We're still here with our resident Kate Bush expert for a very short but even sweeter talk about the Pirate Planet! Doctor Who, whoo!

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Here it is folks! Part 1 of the long awaited talk with the amazing, informative and wonderful Christine Kelley, focusing on her blog and Kate Bush in general!


Support Christine & read her blog here:

Follow her here:


Our short chat on Pirate Planet will be soon forthcoming!

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Gallimaufrey, innit.

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Kevin n James are back with their 50th episode!

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Once again, I'm joined by my friend and frequent collaborator Kit Power - writer of novels, stories and essays, and podcaster - to chat about his newest project.  This time it's his forthcoming collection of essays from his My Life in Horror series, nearing the end of its long and distinguished run at Gingernuts of Horror

We range freely over such subjects as the meaning of Horror in general, the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, nostalgia and problematic faves, George Orwell, time travel, the peculiar religious conversions of rock musicians, Hillsborough, the hypocrisy of the right, and so on. 

Please pop over to Kit's Indiegogo for MLiH and help him fund it.


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Kevin and James get their literature on.

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Looks like Germany's declared war on the Pex Lives boys.

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Kevin and James are back with a chat on the infamous Talons of Weng Chiang.

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Your friends at Pex Lives sat down to chat some Doctor Who.... and then didn't. Look forward to part two, where we will!

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This time last week, Kit Power & a plague ridden James S. Murphy sat down to discuss the rapidly deteriorating state of British politics. Now! For the first time, you can hear their words as though they were said out loud next to your very ears, thanks to the magnificent modern marvel of Recorded Sound!

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The long awaited (by a small number of people with extremely good taste) return of the Shabcast.  I chat with Kit Power about his new books, a non-fiction book about the movie Tommy and, more particularly, his new novella The Finite.

Instantly one of my personal favourite ever Shabcasts.

Mild content warnings and spoilers


Show Notes:

Tommy from PS Publishing

The Finite from Black Shuck Books

Kit's previous books Godbomb and A Warning...

Kit's column 'My Life in Horror' at Ginger Nuts of Horror, via his recent piece on Where The Wind Blows

Discussion between George Daniel Lea, Laura Mauro, and Kit on Where The Wind Blows

Kit guests on an episode of They Must Be Destroyed on Sight! talking about Tommy (and Parents)

Wrong With Authority Footnote episode on George Romero movies Martin and The Crazies, featuring Kit and Daniel Harper

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James and Kevin catch up on mic for a short while and you get to listen. 

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El is joined by Miranda to talk about Daleks and more.

Check out Miranda's art at her DeviantArt page.

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On 30th Dec 2018, El and Jack did a Q&A on the Eruditorum Press Discord Server. 

This is what happened...

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El is joined by Niki Haringsma to talk about Chibnall's first season finale.

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El is joined by Rachael Stott, illustrator of Titan Comics's Thirteenth Doctor comic, to talk in the vague direction of It Takes You Away.

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El is joined by Annie Fish for a discussion that tries very hard to be about The Witchfinders. Find Annie on Patreon here

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El sits down with Deb Stanish of the Verity! podcast to talk about one of Doctor Who's most troubling episodes in memory.

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El decides she needs a token cis dude on the podcast, so reluctantly sits down with Jack Graham to talk Demons of the Punjab.

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El is joined by Beth Axford to talk about The Tsuranga Conundrum, and then to rename it.

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El, Holly, and a vast quantity of giant spiders. Happy (belated) Halloween.

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El sits down with Kate Orman to discuss Rosa.

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El! Shana! A cavalier disregard for your puny human notions of "on topic!"

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Lee 'n' James were working in their labs late one night when...

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El and Caitlin sit down to discuss the dawn of the Chibnall era. 

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Lee and James do what they do best, returning and finally satisfying the unceasing clamour of a rabid fanbase. There's also some bonus footage at the end. Next month: The Monster Club. 

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Your Pex Lives friends are back with a hot new joint to reaffirm who are the hottest on the mic in town. They talk Elvis, weddings, state of the podcast, and Snakedance. 

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In this very special one-off podcast, James Murphy has a passionate conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Sandifer on her new hometown, spirituality, food, and magic. 

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Lee, James and a terrible Milton Subotsky film about how evil cats are. 

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The brilliant Daniel Harper joins the amazing Lee Russell and the senile James Murphy for a discussion on the last ever Amicus films. Drunken pilots keeping a tally of the pterodactyls they're shooting out of the sky, scantily clad cave women, WW1 submarine soldiers, and Peter Cushing's gargantuan drill. 

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El and Jack watch Mind Robber 5

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